Sunday, January 29, 2017

Al Tayyar extends strategic partnership with Amadeus

Saudi Arabia's Al Tayyar Travel Group has extended its partnership agreement with Amadeus, a leading provider of technology solutions for the global travel sector.

The agreement extension till the year 2020 will transform the existing relationship between Amadeus and Al Tayyar to a strategic partnership, and expand their cooperation from the local level to the Middle East and North Africa. The signing of the agreement marks a step forward in ensuring the delivery of quality services to a wider customer base across the region.

Al Tayyar Group’s decision to upgrade the partnership with Amadeus to the regional level is in line with its intensive projects and investments in the e-commerce, travel and tourism industries, as well as its global expansions.

Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Dawood, managing director and CEO of Al Tayyar Travel Group, said: “As a major company in the regional travel sector, Al Tayyar has been building on the solid foundation of our existing relationship with global travel solutions providers like Amadeus. Our vision is to find innovative ways to meet the needs of the market and create new avenues for growth. The expansion of our strategic partnership with Amadeus to the regional level will further strengthen our relationship and infuse fresh energy to the corporate travel sector in the region.”

Amadeus is one of main leading innovators in the travel sector; it has been empowering the regional travel industry with next-generation products and services to help it overcome rising costs, unpredictable market conditions and changing business models. Its integrated and comprehensive suite of solutions allows travel agencies to streamline and enhance the corporate travel process, enabling them to leverage the opportunities offered by automation and digitization to gain competitive advantages in the market.

Antoine Medawar, vice president of Amadeus Mena, said: “The Mena region represents a key hub of corporate travel and offers vast opportunities for the travel industry. As Amadeus takes its strategic partnership with Al Tayyar to the regional level, the corporate travel sector in the Mena region will stand to gain significantly from the expertise of two leading players in the travel industry. Amadeus is committed to excellence as we work together with Al Tayyar to find new ways to satisfy customer needs and identify exciting new opportunities in the region.”

In the past few years, Amadeus and Al Tayyar Travel Group have worked together to drive operational efficiencies in the Saudi travel industry, offering specially designed services inspired by the unrivalled innovative Amadeus distribution technology. During the course of the existing relationship, Amadeus developed specific solutions that met the needs of Al Tayyar’s customers, and helped it effectively use technology as a true competitive differentiator to succeed in a rapidly changing market.

Known for its professional services and distinguished client care, Al Tayyar Travel Group is the trusted agency of more than 1,600 governmental and private corporations. It has invested in approximately 400 branches across Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Malaysia, the UK, Canada and other popular tourist locations. - TradeArabia News Service

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