Sunday, January 29, 2017

Haya to sell treated wastewater to Tabreed Oman

Haya Water has signed a deal with Tabreed Oman Company to sell treated wastewater for one of its key development projects, ‘Palm Mall,’ in Oman, said a report.

As per the agreement, Haya Water will provide 2,000 cu m of water per day for the ‘Palm Mall’ project in Al Mabella to be used for the cooling systems, according to Times of Oman.

Haya Water is making a steady progress in implementing wastewater treatment projects and producing water suitable for various purposes, such as for irrigation of landscapes and playgrounds, road construction works and cooling processes, stated the report, citing a senior official.

The wastewater project’s ultimate aim is to protect the environment from pollution resulting from the overflow of conventional septic tanks. Such pollution has a negative impact on environment as well as public health, remarked Hussain Hassan Abdul Hussain, the chief executive officer of Haya Water.

Tabreed Oman CEO Salem Saeed Al Farsi said the company intends to use treated wastewater instead of fresh water for the cooling process due to its low cost and help protect the environment.

"We hope that our cooperation with Haya Water will continue in the future through purchase of treated wastewater for other projects that Tabreed Oman intends to implement,” added Al Farsi.

There are 11 sewage treatment plants (STPs) all over the Muscat Governorate with a total capacity of about 170,792 cu m per day. These STPs are connected to wastewater networks with a total length of about 1,874 km and treated wastewater network of about 312 km, said the report.

As for the assets in other governorates assigned to Haya Water by the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, there are 57 STPs with a total capacity of up to 52,425 cu m per day linked to wastewater networks of about 771 kms and treated wastewater distribution networks of up to 22 kms, it stated.

Haya Water called upon other governmental and private organisations to follow in the footsteps of Tabreed Oman to use treated wastewater for the upcoming projects instead of consuming precious fresh water.

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