Monday, February 13, 2017

UAE bound Etihad flight diverted due to 'security threat'

An Etihad flight enroute to the UAE from Ireland was diverted to the Al Minihad Air Base in Dubai following a security threat, said a report.

According to Gulf News, flight EY42 was travelling from Dublin Airport to Abu Dhabi on Friday when a “security threat on board” alerted the crew. The plane was rerouted to Dubai for further security checks.

“The crew completed all necessary inflight checks as per procedure, with no abnormalities found, then followed the authorities instructions to undergo further security checks at the Air Base,” the report quoted an Etihad Airways spokesperson as saying.

Throughout this process, the passengers remained at the Air Base and were provided with refreshments according to the spokesman.

Passengers were then brought to Abu Dhabi Airport by police escort buses, and were received into the city after being processed through the terminal, it said.

The precise cause of the diversion is not yet known.

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