Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Saudi Arabia to launch $533m development projects

Saudi Arabia is set to launch development projects worth over SR2 billion ($533 million) in Bisha Province of the kingdom, said a report.

The projects include establishment of an academic complex and seven new projects in the education sector at a cost of more than SR78 million, reported Arab News.

Besides these development works, a water purification plant at Tabala Dam will also be launched by Asir Governor Prince Faisal bin Khalid at a cost of SR118 million, stated the report.

The Asir governor will also inaugurate road and transport projects worth more than SR205 million, including the construction of a building for the road and transport administration branch in Bisha; the linkage of vital roads between Bisha and the governorates of Khamis Mushait, Ranyah, Juaba and other centers, according to the Arab News report.

He will also lay the foundation stone for a new project to build dams in Tabala, Herjab, Qaoubaa and Miskah, said the report.

The other development projects include construction of municipal buildings, parks, markets, slaughterhouses, service buildings, plant nurseries, playgrounds, asphalting and lighting roads, it added.

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