Monday, April 3, 2017

Smart home security in Dubai expo spotlight

Smart home security hogged the limelight on the second day (April 3) of the debut ‘Future Cities Show’ in Dubai, UAE, with experts calling upon manufacturers and governments to set clear guidelines for developing secure smart home systems.

The smart homes in future cities will have various systems like lighting, security, ventilation pre-programmed or altered from a remote location through connected devices. However, it is important that these smart systems are safe and offer the residents improved trust and security, said experts.

As per estimates, the smart home industry will be likely worth $58 billion by 2020. However, a survey conducted by Intel revealed that over 92 per cent of potential consumers are worried that their personal data might be at risk, yet at the same time 89 per cent of respondents admitted that if they opted to live in smart house, they’d prefer to have all their smart devices being secured through a single integrated security package, they added.

“Safety is a key concern for governments, corporations and residents. As such, Future Cities Show 207 has highlighted home security advancements for smart homes including accurate recognition, real-time notifications and provision of various auxiliary functions,” remarked Dawood Al Shezawi, the chairman of strategic and head of the organisation committee of the new show.

Held under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Infrastructure development, the show has many strategic partners including Dubai Land Department, Federal Transport Authority-Land and Maritime, Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme, and the Sustainable City.  

"As we are still in the early days of smart home security technology, it is important that manufacturers, governments, law and policy makers set clear guidelines for developing secure smart home systems," noted Al Shezawi.

It is important that experts and innovators use advanced technology to improve smart home security, without compromising privacy for the residents of future cities,” he added.  

The Future Cities Show 2017 is a global platform for companies and organisations engaged in developing an advanced infrastructure all over the world. It has attracted big investors and those who have creative and innovative ideas to build future cities from economic, technological and environmental aspects.

“The UAE is at the centre of a new era. While smart systems in future cities will offer residents an elevated living experience, it is important that advanced standards of safety and security are undertaken to help people feel as safe as possible when using technology to its fullest potential. As such, the Future Cities Show has highlighted and pressed the need for smart home security” added Al Shezawi.

To be addressed by thought leaders and technical experts from different sectors of the society, Future Cities Show aims to provide a forum for discussion on technological breakthroughs that can put smart homes in the future cities at risk.

In conjunction with the discussions about smart homes securities in the future cities, the second day of the show witnessed a series of workshops and seminars which discussed the effective factors in designing the future cities.

The list of topics discussed on the second day of the show included sustainable housing solutions, smart transportations infrastructure and data and decision making processes in developing smarter cities and many more., stated Al Shezawi.

According to him, the show has attracted experts, city developers, architects and investors in this field. It has provided them the opportunity to show their innovations as it highlighted dimensions of future cities.

It also featured futuristic designs that can help generate energy, preserve electricity and water consumption up to the latest international sustainable standards, he added.-TradeArabia News Service

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