Thursday, July 13, 2017

New community market projects to come up in Al Ain

Abu Dhabi has launched projects worth over Dh17 million ($4.62 million) in Al Ain, including the construction of community markets across the city to meet growing population needs for diverse commercial services, according to a report.

The move comes as part of Abu Dhabi government's comprehensive sustainable development strategy, reported state news agency Wam.

The scope of work includes renovation of public utilities and launching of new service projects needed by the society in line with the rules and regulations set by the municipality to set up an integrated large-scale network of community projects that include entertainment and service facilities patterned after the latest design standards, stated the report, citing a senior official.

"The projects launched by Al Ain City Municipality covers the design, construction and operation of community market projects in Al Yahar North and Asharej areas," revealed Badr Al Ammari, the supervisor general of Al Ain City Municipality Investment Bureau.

The project, which falls in line with efforts to boost the private sector's role in the country's overall development drive, was initially launched in June and the bidding process would continue until the end of August, he added.

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