Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Iran launches its biggest solar power plant

Iran has inaugurated its biggest solar plant, which has capacity to generate 20 MW of electricity, in Kerman Province.

The Mokran Solar Power Plants Complex was constructed in six months, an Iran Daily report said.

Made up of two 10 MW photovoltaic units, the project was financed with $27 million by Swiss company Durion AG, and supervised by a German company, Adore.

The complex was built with a total of 76,912 solar panels, each producing 260 watts over an area of 44 hectares, the report said.

A number of countries including Switzerland, Germany, Spain, China and South Korea have shown interest in investing in renewable energies in Iran.

Iran's Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian said there have been offers of over $3.5 billion in foreign investment so far and it is the most attractive field since the nuclear deal.

Mokran Solar Energy company has also started the construction of a 100 MW solar power plant.

With over 300 sunny days and an average of 2,800 hours of sunshine, Iran is considered one of the best countries for producing and using solar energy, the report said.

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