Monday, September 25, 2017

Abu Dhabi opens new entrance to Khalifa City

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has opened a new Dh11-million ($3 million) entrance to Khalifa City, next to Al Raha Beach running 800 m long serving the Al Raha Gardens and Eastern Basin areas, which will help ease the pressure on two preceding traffic entrances on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai Road.

This comes as part of the municipality's efforts to improve local infrastructure, including roads, bridges, tunnels, entrances and city exits to the capital and its suburbs, as well as to provide advanced services in residential areas, while keeping pace with the rapid national urban development and meet the needs of an increasing population, reported state news agency Wam.

The new entrance runs from the Abu Dhabi-Dubai Highway at Al Raha Beach through a 45-km-long south-eastern coastal road and the sites of several infrastructure projects in Khalifa City.

A major residential suburb located in Abu Dhabi, the Khalifa City is a big hit among renters. It has been subdivided into three areas: Khalifa City A, Khalifa City B, and New Khalifa City. All of these are currently being developed into what will become the new city center of Abu Dhabi.

Khalifa City A is on the main highway to Dubai, about 25 km from Abu Dhabi, and is close to Abu Dhabi International Airport. It already has around 600-700 houses, and is adjacent to the prestigious Al Raha Beach project.

This project will include residential and commercial units, as well as many international hotels. The project is being built by Aldar properties.

Khalifa City B is further inland and is near Bani Yas and Al Shawamikh, while the new Khalifa City is being planned somewhere in between Khalifa City A and Khalifa City B.

The entrance is also the second that will cater to the motorists from Abu Dhabi Airport to Khalifa City, said the Wam report.

Work on the project began in June 2015 and was opened to traffic last week, it added.

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