Sunday, September 17, 2017

Kuwait to set up new 'green' treatment plant

Kuwait has announced plans to develop a new eco-friendly treatment plant with a capacity of about 400,000 cu m per day in the South Al Mutalaa area, said a report.

This is a vital project locally, regionally and globally and hence will have some special features that are not available in other treatment plants, reported Al Jarida, citing a senior official of Ministry of Public Works.

"This plant will be environmentally friendly and the energy used to operate it will be produced by the plant itself," stated Abdul Mohsen Al Enazi, the assistant officer of sanitary engineering sector in the Ministry of Public Works.

"Moreover, the project includes design and construction of a main 16MW power transformer station and it will also include designing and constructing a certain system to control and distribute treated water," he noted.

It also boasts a key system centre where all the treated water would be controlled besides a 40-km-long waterline reaching the birds nature reserve, and another waterline reaching the dams in South Al-Mutalaa residential area in order to water and plant main roads around the city, he added.

According to him, the ministry has already finished preparing the documents needed for the tender which would be out soon.

The winning bidder will be responsible for conducting study on the project apart from the design, construction, operation and repair of the treatment plant.

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