Sunday, September 17, 2017

LG to future-proof smart homes of tomorrow

LG Electronics, a pioneer in home electronics and appliances is paving the way for a truly interconnected future by introducing some of the most intuitive and advanced products to help home makers and users achieve a more convenient lifestyle.

As time moves on, newer and smarter devices are continuously being introduced to create a smart ecosystem bringing the long-imagined smart home even closer to reality, said a statement from LG.

Furthermore, equipped with LG’s Deep Learning capabilities, LG’s user-centric and smart electronic devices will gather data using sensors, accumulate it on cloud networks through Wi-Fi and analyze it to better understand consumers. Based on the collected data, the devices provide users with new solutions to everyday problems.

“Today’s consumers expect remote control capabilities for their appliances, embracing technology that allows them to access status, troubleshooting, and maintenance data,” remarked Yong Geun Choi, the president of LG Electronics Gulf.

“Connected gadgets offer advice on how to save energy, increase user convenience and improve appliance performance based on user history to future-proof not only their homes, but their lives,” noted Choi.

The increasing availability of Deep Learning allows smart homes to better serve users, increasing the appeal of full IoT integration. While convincing the mass of consumers to adopt IoT will be a challenge, Deep Learning software is key to ensuring that Smart Homes become the norm.

Whether you are looking to be environmentally responsible or to save money, LG has engineered their home appliances with a plethora of features to assist for both.

LG’s SmartThinQ application is one of the company’s first step towards developing a network that thrives on Artificial Intelligence as today it can trouble shoot minor problems.

"Although many believe that we are still a few years away from having Artificial Intelligence enter our lives, the fact is, it is almost here and LG is emerging as a respected leader in this dynamic space with its lineup of advanced robots, each designed to meet specific consumer needs and can be operated via voice control," observed Choi.

The company’s impressive collection of robots includes the Lawnmower Robot, the Hub Robot and Hom-Bot in addition to the more specialized Airport Robot and Airport Cleaning Robot.

The Hub Robot unites a diverse range of smart appliances under a single ecosystem, optimizing operations and enhancing convenience.

It utilizes Amazon Alexa’s voice recognition technology to allow for easier access and even boasts compatibility with smaller robots that can be used to extend the reach of the smart home, he added.-TradeArabia News Service

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