Monday, October 9, 2017

Dubai airport checks to take only 15 seconds

Airport checks in Dubai will soon be only a few seconds long as officials of the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai unveil plans for a 'Smart Tunnel', said a report.

The project, which is being showcased at the Gitex 37 technology show, will 'allow passengers to simply walk through the tunnel without doing anything - not even show their passports'. It works using a biometric system and face recognition technology and will enable passengers to complete the entry procedure within 15 seconds, said a report in Gulf News.

The GDRFA-Dubai is co-ordinating with Emirates airline for the Smart Tunnel project as part of the government accelerators initiative.

The smart tunnel system uses iris recognition technology, and passengers will have to first stand in front of the tunnel before walking through for facial recognition. They can exit the tunnel in a few seconds without the need for passport stamping or any other human intervention, the report said.

The white tunnel includes a green-tinged digital floorboard that changes colour to red as a passenger walks through to finish the procedure.

No details about the launch date were revealed, it said.

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