Thursday, October 26, 2017

New US security measures spark concern among airlines

Passengers flying to the US could face stricter screening procedures from today (October 26) as all US-bound flights will be forced to comply with new security rules aimed at responding to threats of hidden explosives, a report said.

A total of 325,000 passengers and about 2,100 commercial flights are likely to be affected by the new measures, said a report in The New York Times citing a Reuters report.

The rules could include short security interviews at check-in or the boarding gate and inspections of personal electronic devices.

A number of airlines viewed the new measures as inconvenient, and raised concerns over flights delays and extended processing time, the report said.

Alexandre de Juniac, CEO of the International Air Transport Association, said the industry understood security threats to aviation were made regularly but in this case the US government had not shared any specific dangers before changing the rules.

"What we have seen is very strange," he told reporters in Taipei during the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) members meeting. "Unilateral measures announced without any prior consultation... That is something that is very concerning and disturbing."

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