Tuesday, November 7, 2017

$5.2bn Abu Dhabi airport terminal set to open Q4 2019

Abu Dhabi Airports announced that it has so far spent Dh12.5 billion ($3.4 billion) or 66 per cent of the Dh19.1 billion ($5.2 billion) budget for its iconic structure Midfield Terminal Building (MTB) which will be completed by the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2019, reported state-run Wam.

"According to the schedule, it will be ready for operation in 2019 and we are confident our contractor and teams will deliver. This building will serve 84 million passengers a year, or 11,000 passengers per hour at peak times,'' said Abdul Majeed Al Khoori, acting CEO at Abu Dhabi Airports, during a hard hat media tour organised by the company in collaboration with the Secretariat-General of Abu Dhabi Executive Council to update media persons on the progress in the construction of the mega aviation project, one of the key projects of the Abu Dhabi government.

''The MTB, which will support both, our own long-term growth ambitions, and those of other Abu Dhabi stakeholders, particularly Etihad Airways, as the emirate’s economy continues to expand and diversify, is now 86 per cent complete and experimental operations will begin by the end of 2018,'' he stated.

''The 742,000 sq m MTB features the world’s longest indoor arch – 180-metre long and 52-metre high, weighing 1,000 metric tonnes,'' he noted.

According to the plan, it will have 28,000 sq m of retail and food and beverage space.

''The MTB constitutes one of the key stimulants of economic growth in Abu Dhabi and a milestone in the development of the basic infrastructure needed to generate optimum revenues for the aviation sector,'' he added.

The project, he said, will bolster the growing air, land and sea transport system under the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 to build a diversified, sustainable economy.

Key facts

 1. Over 15,000 workers on the site.
2. Currently 66 per cent complete
3. MTB will have capacity to handle up to 84 million passengers a year.
4. MTB roof is resting on 18 steel arches
5. MTB roof grill weighs 20,000 metric tons
6. MTB features world’s longest indoor arch – 180m long and 52m high, weighing 1,000 metric tons 7. MTB baggage handling system will process over 19,200 bags per hour, along 28km of conveyor
8. MTB is designed to have 45 minute minimum connection time, including baggage transfers
9. MTB will have 35,000 sq m of Duty Free shopping, retail, dining, and entertainment
10. MTB will be able to handle 11,000 passengers per hour at peak times
11. Total size of MTB is 742,000 sq m 12. MTB is visible from 1.5km away
13. MTB has four piers, with 65 stands, and 14 remote stands
14. MTB’s longest pier is 550m
15. All four of MTB’s piers used a total of 26500 metric tons of steel
16. 200,000 sq m of glass is being used for curtain walling of MTB
17. 260,000 sq m of aluminium is being used for the roof of the MTB
18. MTB has been given 3 Pearl Rating by Estidama Pearl Building Rating System
19. MTB will have 145 elevators
20. MTB will have 46 travelators
21. MTB will have 106 passenger bridges
22. MTB will have over 30,000 sq m of lounge space

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