Monday, November 27, 2017

Bahrain completes key road, sanitary projects

Bahrain's Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning has completed projects worth BD3.43 million ($9 million) in Busaiteen area of the kingdom, including construction and sanitary projects in addition to maintenance and dirt roads paving work in the area.

Recently the construction of a fast lane exit from Busaiteen area in Block 228; leading to Sheikh Isa bin Salman Causeway towards Manama, was completed.

The ministry also revamped and expanded Sheikh Isa bin Salman and Ghous Highway Interchange towards Muharraq, and constructed new lanes for traffic heading towards Busaiteen, said the ministry in a statement.

The ministry is particularly keen to improve roads in the kingdom, where it has recently completed the construction of Avenue 8 in Block 225.

However, a number of roads in the block are in need of revamp and asphalting, all of which are included within the roads maintenance programme for next year; to be implemented once budget is allocated and the new asphalt contracts are available, said the ministry.  

The revamp of roads in Block 227 is included within the villages development projects during the past years. However, a few roads in the block still needs to be repaved with asphalt.

Those are included within the roads maintenance programme for next year; to be implemented once budget is allocated. In Block 228, most roads had been fully constructed and paved during the past two years, it stated.  

On the dirt roads paving, the ministry said it completed the work in Busaiteen Blocks 226 & 228 (Phase Two) on September 30. The project also involved the opening of 11.4-km-long new roads at a cost of BD2.38 million.

In August, the ministry managed to link Avenue 9 to Sheikh Isa bin Salman Highway as part of the second phase of the project at a cost of BD376,621. Also, Phase One of the project was completed in June last year at the cost of BD172,750.

In 2015, the ministry completed the revamp of roads in Block 228; Road 2830 and the environs (Phase One). New roads were also built in the area at the cost of BD495,193.

A number of main roads were revamped in the last few years in the area including Ghous Highway, Avenue 11, Busaiteen Avenue, Avenue 6 & 7 and other roads and avenues.

On the sanitary projects, the ministry said it had completed the implementation of a sewerage project in Block 227 in March 2014 at the cost of BD226,763. In Blocks 226 and 228, the sanitary works were implemented in January 2015.-TradeArabia News Service

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