Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Egypt, Cyprus to discuss building gas pipeline

Egypt and Cyprus have agreed to begin talks on the construction of a pipeline to transport natural gas from Cypriot fields to Cairo next month, a media report said.

The agreement includes the construction of gas lines on the Mediterranean coast, the first of which will be dedicated to receive Cypriot gas from the Aphrodite and Cyprus 1 fields, in Damietta, Egypt, for liquefying gas, reported Daily News Egypt, citing government sources.

The second line extends from Egypt across the Mediterranean Sea, reaching Cyprus and from there, extending to Crete, Greece, and from there continuing to northern Europe.

Egypt is liquefying the gas from the Aphrodite field for re-export to Europe, receiving revenues from liquefied gas, and consuming part of it in the local market, diversifying gas resources, the sources said.

Egypt and Cyprus have also signed a cooperation protocol for the electrical interconnection process across the Mediterranean seabed, according to the report.

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